10 Ways to Get Ready for Spring

10 Ways to Get Ready for Spring

Spring is in the Air! The Ultimate Uplifting Spring Bucket List

After a long, cold winter- obviously, depending on where you’re from- spring is finally approaching! Welcome, I have been waiting for you! Needless to say, spring is one of my favourite seasons. I just find it so refreshing and inspiring. We can slowly abandon our warm jumpers and embrace t-shirts and denim jackets while we’re getting ready for the summer. It is also an excuse to be extremely productive before we all start daydreaming about sandy beaches and starry skies. It is the perfect season to get in shape, spend more time outside, and re-balance your life, while days are getting longer and nights warmer.

Living in London, I learnt how to make the most out of sunny days because every British person knows that it will not last forever. Days that start with a beautiful and bright sun can soon turn into cold and rainy afternoons. Which is something that you should keep in mind when you visit England, by the way. Because our spring can be so fleeting, I created a Spring Bucket List that you can check for inspiration. I hope this helps even if you live in the Southern hemisphere and you’re actually getting ready for the coldest season!


1. Spend Time Outside: I feel that this is a must. Go outside as much as you can. Even if the weather is not ideal, go and grab a coffee at your favourite cafe. But always remember to breathe some fresh air and unwind.

Nowadays, we spend most of our life sitting at a desk in front of a screen, we have become lazy and detached from nature and the world itself. It is time to remind ourselves that we live on this beautiful planet, full of such beautiful things, and that there is absolutely no time to waste. There are way too many sunsets to enjoy, too many flowers to smell, and too many mountains to climb.

2. Plan Your Summer: Independently on how much money you saved up, spring is the time to start getting ready for summer. This could mean planning a holiday, going back to the gym, or stocking up on your favourite shorts and crop-tops. If you’re a bit short on money this year, or if you can’t go on holiday because you will be working all summer, plan some free or cheap activities that you can enjoy on your days off.

For example, find a museum you haven’t visited yet or a new park you want to go to with your friends. This is the time to try all of those activities you haven’t been able to do during winter.

3. Find Your Style: I feel like spring is a good excuse to do some shopping and find your style, the one that actually speaks to your soul. Because we can finally get rid of jumpers and warm clothes, it is now time to change your wardrobe. Before purchasing anything, however, it is good to get an idea of the style that you want. There are plenty of options on Pinterest, Instagram or on your favourite magazine.

Figure out what colours, patterns, fabrics and accessories you really like and make sure you keep that in mind when you go shopping, so you will not risk buying something just for the sake of it.

4. Decorate Your House with Flowers: Spring is a beautiful season for many reasons. Pretty flowers are certainly one of them. I love decorating my house with flowers and plants. They are beautiful to look at and they immediately make your space more welcoming and colourful. Coming home from work to some nice flower composition will instantly lift your mood, even when you are extremely tired.

Add some flowers for some colour and spring vibes

5. Make a Spring Playlist: Personally, I love making playlists. I have one for each mood and for each occasion. It is a good way to express your creativity, and when you’re listening to a great playlist you feel like you could conquer the entire world, which is how we should feel pretty much all the time.

Music helps improve your mood, it increases your motivation and determination. Pick the most uplifting songs that you know and create a playlist that will make you dream of summer.

6. Cook Something New: Okay, you can do this basically whenever you want. But there are so many great excuses to cook something! Organise a picnic at the park and invite all of your friends, for example. Cooking is a perfect way to express your creativity and if you use fresh, seasonal ingredients, that’s going to make the difference. Make something healthy or a nice treat with some fresh fruit, go to the farmer’s market to get good quality ingredients and put on your new playlist while cooking.

If you need some extra motivation, you can pour a glass of rose and invite other people to cook with you.

7. Clean Your House: Now, this may not sound like a fun activity but I love cleaning. It makes me feel so accomplished and peaceful. There’s nothing like coming home to a clean house. Soon it will be summer and the weather will get better and better. This is the ideal time to declutter your house.

Set a small task every day, half an hour to one hour, and don’t try to do everything at once. Look at every item you own and take time to decide if you want to keep it or if it no longer serves you. Donate what you don’t use anymore and get rid of everything that’s damaged or broken. Having a clean, tidy, clutter-free house will have such a positive impact on your mood, decreasing your levels of stress and anxiety.

8. Spring Fragrances: You know it, I love essential oils. And although I like to pick the oil based on my mood, I feel like we need more fresh, delicate fragrances to embrace this Spring vibe! If for example, I love cinnamon, clove and pine during autumn, now that Spring is approaching I like to switch to more flowery essences.

My obsession at the moment is this bamboo and olive blossom essential oil -weird combo, I know, but it works-, it’s so delicate, it reminds me of the seaside. Sweet orange is a very popular one, perfect to enjoy in the evening now that the days are getting longer and longer. A good essential oil is a great way to uplift your mood.

spring essential oils

9. Get In Shape: Now, we have all postponed going back to the gym and eating healthy for a while. During the cold winter months, nobody really has the motivation to get in shape but now that spring is almost here, you have no excuses! Take advantage of the first warm sun and go running outside, renew that gym membership that you forgot you had and pick those dusty workout clothes from the bottom of your drawer. It doesn’t have to be anything drastic, just some more seasonal fruits and veggies and less takeaways and soda.

We always write down “Get in shape” as our number one new year’s resolution, every. single. year. Then we hit March and we’re still spending our Sunday afternoon in our PJ’s watching Gossip Girl while munching on crisps and chocolate. Spring is the perfect time to remind yourself why you put that goal into your new year’s resolutions every year.

10. Find Your Tribe: Yeah, you heard me. Find your tribe, girl. Look around and think about the people you see every day, the people you go out with, the people you call friends. Are they the right people for you? Are they the most encouraging, supportive, empowering friends you can have? Do they have your best interest at heart? Are they cheering for you loudly enough for everyone to hear? As much as it saddens me to say this, some of the people in your life do not deserve to be there. Some of them are just a negative influence that tries to rain on your parade.

Life is too short to always have to apologise for who you are, to justify your choices in front of your friends, to spend time doing activities that make you feel uncomfortable. This spring, do not only clean your house, clean your friends list as well. Make sure you dedicate yourself only to the people the truly bring out the best in you. And if you think you don’t have any in your life, go out and look for them. Find the people you want to run free with, find your tribe.

And you? Do you have any plans for this spring? Any to-do lists that you want to share? If so, please leave a comment down below. I can’t wait to hear all of your uplifting ideas!

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